U.S. Open History…Start Here

by Jeff Skinner

U.S. Open Countdown: 23 days

Merion LogoAs the U.S. Open at Merion grows closer you may want to bone up on your U.S. Open history or just relive some of the greatest moments in golf.  Here are three books that should be able to get you through to the Open.

Who know more about the U.S. Open than the folks at the USGA?  No one I suspect and the first book is from three of the USGA’s own.  Rand Jerris, Michael Trostel and Robert Williams, all experts in golf history, have given us “Great Moments of the US. Open” as the USGA celebrates the 100th anniversary of Francis Ouimet’s Open victory.  As one would expect it is jammed with amazing photos and full of detailed accounts of all things U.S. Open.

If you ever wondered what it takes to put on an Open, John Feinstein gives us every little detail in “Open: Inside the Ropes at Bethpage Black.”  Feinstein offers plenty of back-story from the 2002 Open at The Black where the USGA brought the Open to the first truly public course.  The Open itself turned out pretty good and Feinstein doesn’t miss any of the stories.

If you don’t want to commit to a full book get your hands on a copy of “One Week In: June the U.S. Open.”  It’s a compilation of writings from some of the best sportswriters in the history of the game.  Herbert Warren Wind, Grantland Rice, Dan Jenkins and Dave Anderson are but a few of the legends that are featured.  You can choose to read just a few pieces to satisfy your Open fix but be careful, you may not be able to put it down.


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