Sergio’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

by Jeff Skinner

As if Sergio Garcia needed more attention.   First his whining at The Players Championship, then his harping about his non-relationship with Tiger Woods and finally the piece de resistance, “fried chicken.”

With Sergio desperately trying to dig out of the deepest of holes he dug for himself here comes the head of the European Tour to the rescue, well not really.  Euro Tour Chief Executive, George O’ Grady tries to defend Sergio from claims that he’s a racist with his own version of “Foot in Mouth.”  “…most of Sergio’s friends happen to be coloured athletes in the United States” was how O’Grady tried to save the embattled Garcia.

Are you kidding me George?  Really? This isn’t the deep south in the 50’s… talk about pouring gasoline on a fire.  Of course O’ Grady issued an apology, as did Sergio but O’ Grady needs to move into this century or maybe just run his golf tour.

As far as Sergio goes the last thing he needed was more controversy.  He has enough of his own making.  John Huggan of Golf World profiles Sergio as the tragic figure he is in Sergiothe May 20th issue of Golf World, before Sergio’s fried chicken comment.  If he was tragic before “fried chicken” what can we call him now?

Even with all his whining and woe is me attitude, Sergio was likable and sometimes even a sympathetic figure but now it’s difficult to tolerate his childish and inappropriate behavior.

The strange thing is that all of Sergio’s troubles are self-inflicted.  From the decade of whining, to the Golf Gods having it in for him to the rinsed balls on the 17th at this year’s Players Championship they are all from his own hand…and mouth.

Self-inflicted wounds are the most painful and many times the most difficult to bounce back from.  Just ask Fuzzy Zoeller.  His attempt at comedy in 1997 cost him dearly and still haunts him today.

Sergio is 33 years old and he’ll probably be scarred by this for the rest of his career.  It might be just too much for his thin skin to bear.


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