Bubba Watson Calls Out His Caddie

by Jeff Skinner

I was trying to avoid this whole “Bubba reams caddie” thing but everyone else has chimed so I may has well.  After all, Bubba creates excitement wherever he goes and in this case that’s not a good thing.

So Bubba is leading the Travelers and he plops one in the water at the par three sixteenth.  He then reams out his caddie for the wrong club, wrong distance, wrong hat and anything else he could whine about.  But that’s not the horrible part.

Players and caddies go at it all the time.  It’s an intimate relationship and can be touchy at times.  A wrong call is a wrong call, just like a bad swing is a bad swing.  Unfortunately, with the blanket coverage that Bubba and any contending player gets coming down the stretch it was caught by the camera.  Bubba’s caddie, Ted Scott is his friend and he makes a good living travelling with Bubba but he has a job to do and when he makes a mistake he can expect to hear about it.  And with Bubba being as tightly wound as he is I am sure Scott hears plenty.

But that is not where Bubba showed has true colors.  It was after he had finished play, signed his scorecard and then spoke to the press.  When asked about the triple bogey six he says, “we missed a club” essentially saying his caddie was the reason he missed the shot and a chance at the tournament.

That’s bush league.  Maybe he did make a mistake and maybe you did miss the shot but keep that finger pointing out of the media.  His reaction on the course is understandable if you know Bubba.  His “explanation” afterwards is not.  It lacked class and maturity.

Let’s remember, Ted Scott is the guy who set Bubba right a few years back.  When Bubba couldn’t control his emotions on the course and had the reputation of being a whiner and a real crybaby.  Scott told him it wasn’t fun anymore and if Bubba didn’t change his ways he was gone.

Bubba acknowledged that and soon after he went on to win The Masters.  Maybe Scott deserves a little better treatment from Bubba when Bubba steps in front of the camera.


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