Tiger Wins…But What If?

by Jeff Skinner

To the surprise of no one, Tiger Woods won again at Firestone Country Club with his ho-hum par finish at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational.  Indeed, with every win Woods sets records and strengthens his legend as one of the greatest of all time.

This victory gave him 79 PGA Tour wins (3 short of Sam Snead’s record), 18 World Golf Championships, his 8th Bridgestone title and a record ten seasons with five or more PGA Tour wins.

But what it doesn’t give him is another major championship.  And since 1996 when he turned professional it has been all about the majors for Tiger.

tiger 2013 bridgeTiger hasn’t won a major since the ’08 U.S. Open and his life has taken many turns since then. His ‘Sean Foley Swing’ is now in full bloom as he is back to number one in the world and the prohibitive favorite every time he tees it up.

But his play on the weekends at the majors has left him searching for that most elusive fifteenth major title. And that causes me to ask the worn-out question, “What if?”

What if Tiger never wins another major? Sure, if he walked away to play with his kids, or sail the world or ski with Lindsay for the rest of his days he is still one of the greatest ever.  But no more majors for Tiger…it would be a painful finish.

There isn’t a golfer worth his Titleist that doesn’t recognize the Golf Gods.  Could this be the work of a vengeful Golf God?  Nothing would be more excruciating to Woods than finishing stuck on fourteen majors.

Could this be a bit of Cosmic Payback?  A little Karmic Comeuppance? How about a little case of “What goes around, comes around”?

After the Bridgestone he comically mused that he had a pretty good career so far with his tongue stuck in his cheek.  But it’s majors, majors and more majors that makes his motor run.

Never winning another major would be a living hell for Tiger.  Missing out on Jack’s record would be tough but never winning another major would be unbearable for Woods.

Now, I’m not saying he won’t win another major… he’s just too good.  And to all those Tiger Haters, I apologize, it’s better when the big names are in it, and Tiger’s as big as it gets.  But it’s an interesting thought.  One that may just be put to rest at the PGA Championship this week.

But if Tiger doesn’t notch number fifteen on Sunday it will be 22 majors since his last victory.  That’s a very long stretch.

Payback?  Karma? Comeuppance?  A living hell or a living legend?  It’s all up to Tiger and maybe a few of those Golf Gods.


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