The Good Guys of the PGA Tour…Is Your Guy One?

by Jeff Skinner

September’s Golf Digest has one of those most read articles this month.  Good Guys… Which PGA Tour players are the friendliest, most charitable, all-around nicest, even when no one’s looking?top good guys 10

It is one of those questions all the fans ask of each player.  They want to know if their favorite is really one of the good guys behind the scenes.  Or is he a real a$$hole?

Golf Digest spills the beans with a poll of golf insiders to name the “Top Good Guys” of the PGA Tour.  Here’s how they did it:

Establishing criteria for this list, we sought the advice of caddies, tour officials, volunteers, equipment reps and sponsors. Together they told us that the really good guys on tour are:
1. Charitable—not just signing checks, but involved.
2. Good to the “little people” such as volunteers, locker-room attendants, drivers.
3. Fan-friendly.
4. Nice when no one’s looking.
5. Role models/good ambassadors for the sport.
6. Media-friendly. Or at least professionally tolerant.
7. Able to keep their entourages friendly.

That’s the one, number four, that is my litmus test: Nice when no one is looking.   To no one’s surprise, Steve Stricker topped the list but what is interesting is who isn’t on the list.  I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks.

Click here for the entire Golf Digest List.



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