European Team Wins a Horrible Solheim Cup

by Jeff Skinner

The Solheim Cup should have been an exciting week of amazing golf and nerve wracking competition.  But the European win was full of all the stuff that has no business on the course.

I can’t remember a golf tournament that was as disappointing as this Solheim Cup.  It should have been a showcase for women’s golf, instead it was disgraceful.

Rarely do the women have center stage and the Solheim Cup is that rare event along with the U.S. Women’s Open where the women get somewhere near the press they deserve.  And then we are treated to a dog of a tournament like this.

On Friday we were subjected to what seemed like an eternity of a ruling where officials and players couldn’t decide how to make a ruling.  And then when they did, it was an incorrect ruling.  Then we had to relive another 30 minute torture session again on Saturday where more officials and players and captains and even more officials couldn’t make a decision.  It was pathetic and a black eye for the game.euro 2013 solheim

All week we were subjected to a myriad of poor sportsmanship and rude behavior from the American Team.  Since when is it acceptable behavior to storm off the green after you putted out and your opponent still has a putt to half the hole?

The fingernail waving was a response to the European Team chiding of the Americans who seem more interested in face paint and nail polish.  Well it was boorish, childish and in poor taste and just plain stupid.  And maybe the Euros were right.

I know the Americans had a lot of pent up energy since they weren’t winning many holes but a putt to half a hole, early on Friday does not warrant a triple fist pump, three high fives a butt slap and an exhaustive scream of joy. Save it for when you win the match.

The European Team had their moments too as a caddie chimed in to give a putt to the Americans, illegally as a matter of fact.  And there weren’t many gimmies conceded by either team all week.

The bottom line here is the European Team outplayed the Americans.  It’s as simple as that.

But an amazing win and historic win by the Europeans has been overshadowed by an absolutely dreadful week of poor sportsmanship and petty behavior.

It’s shameful that what should be the most entertaining week of the year for women’s golf was reduced to a three day catfight.


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