From the Mags: Golf Channel Talking Heads, Bobby Jones & Tiger

by Jeff Skinner

While you golf fans are waiting for television coverage of The Barclays to kick in here something to keep you busy: three great articles from the top golf magazines.

You remember magazines….they are those things we used to page through while we were at the barbershop.  Yes, there are still barbershops.  Not everyone gets their haircut at a “salon.”

Read on…all three are worth the time.

In Golf World, Ed Sherman gives us the inside dope on what it is like to be a golf analyst on The Golf Channel.  It originally wasn’t by choice but the boys of the Golf Channel have all found a very comfortable home talking to audiences instead of screaming at their ball.  Brandel, Tripp, Notah and Charley all give us insight into how they see themselves on the Golf Channel.

There’s plenty of great stuff on how the talking heads made their transition from the course to the studio and how they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We all know Bobby Jones but many of us have never heard of The Walker Cup.  David Fay says that without The Walker Cup there would be no Bobby Jones as we know him.  The Walker Cup returns to The National Golf Links of America next month.  The National is where it all began for the Walker Cup in 1922 and it was his playing on walker Cup teams that allowed Jones to develop his game and become the player he was.

In Golf Week, Jim McCabe breaks down Tiger Woods’ great, but major-less 2013 season.

Can’t wait for the Golf Channel coverage of The Barclays to begin at 3:00pm?  Click here for PGA Tour.com “Live@The Barclays.


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