Woods, Mickelson, Scott…Player of the Year? Playoffs Will Decide

by Jeff Skinner

Things are different on the PGA Tour.  Just go stand at the practice range and listen to those shots rocket off their club.  Or you can peek into player parking where an entire fleet of BMW’s, 700 series, are parked as courtesy cars for every player.  Yes, they live a lifestyle quite different to ours.  And they think differently also.

While all the media, print, television and otherwise argue who the frontrunner is for Player of Year the players, who actually vote on POY, have an entirely different view on the matter.

The talking heads and scribes are debating Phil Mickelson’s one major, one Tour win versus Adam Scott’s one major, one Tour win versus Tiger Woods’ five tour wins and no majors.  It appears to me, and many others that Tiger’s failure to win a major had cost him a chance at winning his eleventh POY award.  John Feinstein insists that the POY has to be a major winner.

But the PGA Tour players once again show how different they think.   Asked who he thought should win POY Rory McIlroy didn’t hesitate for a minute,” I don’t think there’s any other choice than Tiger Woods. Five wins and obviously being very dominant this year. And he’s got a four or five point lead in the World Rankings, won more money than anyone else, I don’t see how it could be anyone else.”

adam scott dbWorld number two, Adam Scott once again showed how humble he really is.  He was asked if he still thought Tiger deserved the POY,” At this point, I mean I think he does. He’s won five events. That’s quite dominant, I must say. But the year is not over. But if you ask me right now it’s hard to say anyone’s played better than him for the whole year. I’m trying my best to play better than him. It’s not an easy job, let me tell you, he plays good.”

I thought Scott’s humility was getting the better of him.  So I pushed a little further when I asked if another playoff win would turn the tide in his favor. Here’s the transcript of my question to Scott at the Deutsche Bank. (Keep in mind that Scott is such a gentleman that he felt compelled to answer and he was laughing and smiling the entire time.)

Skinner: It seems that the talk among the non-players is that a major and another win might trump five wins on Tour. What would trump the five wins on Tour, a major and maybe two FedEx Cup wins?

Adam Scott: Yeah, I think it does, absolutely (laughter), it absolutely does. It’s tough. I mean we tried to do this equation, and create a formula last week, off the top of my head, in the press many radio. I don’t know. Absolutely all I can do is try to go win more. Maybe two wins might do it, I’m not sure. I don’t know what the other players are thinking. I think we talk about it a lot less than most other people. But it’s great to even have my name in the mix. And I’ll try and keep it there until the end of the year.

Scott’s right, maybe two Playoff wins and a major will earn him the Player of the Year.  Either way, he easily wins Gentleman of the Year in my book.


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