Evian Championship Starts as Fifth LPGA Major

by Jeff Skinner

Golf’s “major season” continues this week as the LPGA begins their fifth major of the season.  The debate of whether a “fifth” major is actually a major will be saved for another day.  But as far as the Evian Championship there are certainly two aspects that are absolutely of the major variety: the views and the cash.

Anyone who has seen the spectacular views of the Alps from the Evian Masters Golf Club can attest to just how breathtaking a venue it is.  As far as the cash there is no event that pays out more money.  The Evian and the U.S. Open are the richest tournaments on the LPGA Tour with purses of $3.25 million.  That is major money.

The golf course has been totally redone with changes to entire holes, many greens and the surrounding areas to accommodate more fans and give then improved sightlines to the course and those magnificent views.

Rebuilding a championship golf course in a single year is a difficult task and Ron Sirak gives us the inside info on how the folks at the Evian got it done.  Some challenging weather — snow fell in May and the last few days have been very wet — mean that the course is not as grown in as everyone would like, and you will hear some complaints when play starts Thursday — if not sooner.

But bare spots in the sodded areas will merely be lined as under repair. One other thing rules officials will have to decide on before play begins is that several greens have bubbling issues — trapped air under the surface — and it will have to be decided in advance how that will be played. To burst or not to burst, that is the question”

Check out the video to see some of the challenges they had during the renovation.

We can watch the Evian Championship live tomorrow on The Golf Channel at 7:30am EST.


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