Phil the Thrill Is Fun to Watch… Keegan Bradley, Not So Much

by Jeff Skinner

Awards season continues at Links Life Golf but you won’t find these awards on the PGA Tour.  I watched plenty of golf this year and some players are much easier to watch than others.  Phil+Mickelsonrough 2There are players that are fun to watch, those that will try the impossible no matter what the circumstances.  But there are also those that are difficult to follow and for me those are the, the dawdlers, the deliberators, yes… the dreaded slow players.

Once again Phil Mickelson has topped the list as the player that is Most Fun to Watch.  No matter the situation, Phil the Thrill always goes for it.  From the beach, the woods, the long fescue, the deep rough, the pine straw it doesn’t matter.  If there is any chance of making the shot.  If there is any opening and even if there isn’t Phil never fails to pull the club and go for it.  It’s that gambling attitude that makes him the most fun to watch.  And it’s that same attitude that gets him into trouble.  But that’s Phil being Phil and that’s what makes him so thrilling to watch.

keegan puttOn the other hand there are some players that are unbearable to watch. It’s slow play that gets to me and this season’s Tough to Watch winner (loser really) is Keegan Bradley.  Now Bradley has had a good season, no wins, but he finished eleventh on the money list but he drives me crazy.  He still stutters, stops and twitches like an ADD sixth grader off his meds.  I will say he has changed for the better this season but he still has a long way to go.  And the television directors have grown wise to his routine so they will cut to him later in his routine.  If you can call that a routine.  All I know is, it routinely drives me crazy.


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