Like the Rest of Us, Jack Nicklaus Loves Football Too

by Jeff Skinner

You know it is a slow part of the golf season when the first question your golf buddy asks on Sunday is “How’d Jack Nicklaus’ kid do?”

Jack’s kid, grandkid actually, did pretty good.  Nick O’Leary is playing tight end for the Florida State (6-0) Seminoles who are having a great season so far.  On Saturday night they kicked the stuffing out of previously unbeaten Clemson and O’ Leary had a good night with five catches for 161 yards in a 51-14 rout.

The Seminoles were ranked sixth going in against the third ranked Tigers but the win moved them to third in the AP and second in the new BCS Rankings.

Anyway, O’Leary is an important part of their offense and grandpa works his schedule so he can be at every game.  Even for the greatest of all time there is nothing like football.

Take a look at Jack’s grandson… he’s a beast.

Hat tip to Geoff Shackelford for the link.


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