Adam Scott…He Gets It

by Jeff Skinner

There is something special going on in Australia.  The folks down under are being treated to the Adam Scott Down Under Tour.  The reigning Masters Champ has spent the last few weeks giving the Aussies just what they want: The Green Jacket and more of Adam Scott.

There isn’t a more popular person in Australia right now.  The affable Aussie has spent plenty of time giving his fans a huge piece of himself.scott aussie pga

Scott finally broke the long drought of Aussies missing out on the Green Jacket this past spring.  With Greg Norman’s many painful near misses it looked like no Aussie would ever capture what Scott called the “holy grail of golf.”  But with his win at The Masters Scott ended the drought and with that win a country exclaimed “C’mon Aussie” together and breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

The thing about Adam Scott is that he could easily become one of those rich, successful athletes that chooses to live in his own protective shell.  We see it all the time: athletes earn millions and suddenly forget where they came from. Not Adam Scott.

Rex Hoggard chronicles Scott’s recent return to Australia and it’s easy to see Scott is one of those guys that hasn’t forgotten where he came from.  Adam Scott gets it, even with his fame, success and fortune he gets it.

Scott’s return to Australia was always going to be a celebration. After 76 attempts, the sporting nation finally can claim a Masters champion, and, to Scott’s credit, he has not soft-peddled the accomplishment or shrunk from the spotlight.

At last week’s Australian PGA Championship on the Gold Coast, “Scottie” took hundreds of photos with fans while wearing the green jacket and officials proclaimed last Friday green day, with fans and players donning said color to honor the prodigal son’s return with his well-earned spoils.

Scott has committed to play four straight weeks down under and in doing so he has afforded thousands of fans to revel in the glow of that holy grail, the green jacket.

“There’ll be time for stopping and reflecting, but I don’t think I really have yet,” he said. “I will get my chance in December to reflect.”

Before that another threshold awaits. A victory at Royal Melbourne would turn a dream season into something that may take longer than a month to digest.

Yet beyond his play, Scott’s greatest accomplishment during his trip home may be that he realizes the gravity of the moment. In a move that is utterly out of character for a player who long ago adopted a less-is-more approach, Scott plans to play four consecutive weeks in Australia.

After this week’s Masters he will team with Jason Day at the World Cup, which will also be played at Royal Melbourne, and finally the Australian Open. A country that idolized Norman in his prime now has a new hero, and despite Scott’s normal inclination to deflect praise he’s embraced the moment in every way.

Click here for Hoggard’s article.


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