Golfers & Their Look-Alikes

by Jeff Skinner

All things golf move kind of slow this time of year.  The pro tours are on break and two recent snowstorms have put an official end to my golf season here in the Hudson Duf & BlackValley. 

My last round of 2013 came on a brisk December 4th and at that time I was hoping to get at least another round in.  You may think I’ve taken too many golf balls to my head but considering I played a round later than this last year I was holding out hope.  But Mother Nature has seen to that.  Now, I am left to daydream about next season and maybe plan an escape from the horrors of a winter in the northeast.

But passing time perusing the golf websites is never a waste of time and here’s the proof.  Check out Golf.com’s take on golfers and celebrities that look alike in “Separated at Birth: Pro Golfers and Their Celebrity Look-Alikes.”

They do a great job in ferreting out some serious look-alikes.  My favorite is Jim Furyk’s uncanny resemblance to Sam the Eagle which I noted here long ago. 

Take a look. It’s good for a laugh or two, especially with a foot of snow out there.


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