New Years Day…Time for Resolutions

by Jeff Skinner

Yes, it’s New Years Day and time for all of us nursing our hangovers to declare our New Year’s Resolutions.  And I don’t mean those stale, old traditional resolutions like lose weight or quit smoking.  I am talking serious “Golf Resolutions.”  After all that’s what it’s all about… golf. 

The middle of winter with temps in the 20’s and the courses closed is the perfect time to set my plan.  With no golf to play planning my year ahead is all I can do. So here goes, my 2014 Golf Resolutions.

I will play more golf…that’s an easy one!  I will get my fat ass off the cart and walk more.  I will forsake any distraction that effects my getting on the course like working or house repairs, family stuff like birthdays and parties.  More golf…all the time.

I will appreciate the guys I play with…even the douche bags.  I will love each and every course I play…even the goat trails.

I will not slice it, hook it, top it, chunk it, skull it, fat it, thin it, heel it, toe it, pull it, push it, whiff it, blade it, duck hook it, shank it, duff it or any other miss it of any kind.  Yeah…right.  But on this day we all start fresh at least until we tee it up the first time.

Maybe I should be a bit more realistic and learn to live with my erratic game.  Yes, that’s it.  That’s my resolution: Learn to live with my game, pathetic as it may be. 

But that sounds too easy.  I’ll bite the bullet and just go take a lesson.  That’s my resolution: take some lessons.  I hope the first one teaches me how to live with my lousy game.



  1. Excellent resolutions to live by….I just gotta keep those promises and my game will improve….maybe.

  2. ’bout time,DB, you took a lesson. Seems like that advice might have been offered some time in the past? I’m just guessing? Better late than never.

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