Butch Harmon Working With Rickie Fowler

by Jeff Skinner

Tim Rofsaforte is reporting that Rickie Fowler is now working with Butch Harmon.  Harmon is recognized as the top swing coach in golf and boasts a hefty stable of players including Phil Mickelson.

Rosaforte says the two first worked together in December and Fowler has already instituted some changes to his swing with good results.fowler

These top coaches don’t just have to deal with their player’s swings but also their egos.  Rosaforte says Harmon cleared it with Phil Mickelson before he took on Fowler.  And Phil was thrilled to have him on Butch’s team.  That’s what we all would expect from Mickelson but at the same time there may be other players that would balk at their instructor offering advice to their competitor.

With only one win in 107 PGA Tour starts Fowler is looking to live up to his highly publicized potential.  I say it’s a great move.  Harmon has coached more top flight players than anyone in the game and Fowler should be able to make the changes needed to make him a winner and not just a well dressed contender.


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