We Need More Paul Azinger

by Jeff Skinner

Paul Azinger is one of the most interesting and refreshing voices in golf.  Even though he is active on Twitter we still don’t hear enough of him.  Maybe the folks at Fox Sports could try and chase him down to be their new analyst when they take over the U.S. Open in 2015.

Zinger spent some time with Brandel Chamblee on the Golf Channel Academy last night and he was great.  He took some time explaining his weird grip (very strong) and how his teachers worked around it to get him to be a world class golfer.  Remember, Azinger had plenty of game in his day: 12 PGA Tour wins, 1993 PGA Champion, four time Ryder Cupper and many consider his 2008 Ryder Cup captaincy to be one of the best of all time.  And oh yea, he beat cancer too.

Zinger isn’t shy with his opinions and has plenty to say about the golf swing, his and yours.  Here’s a clip from Zinger on how to kill that slice.

Click here for more Azinger.


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