Scott Stallings Gets It Done at The Farmers

by Jeff Skinner

I am just now getting back into the habit of watching Sunday afternoon golf.  Excuse me while I try and kick that NFL addiction it’s a tough one to go cold turkey on.

The Seahawks and Broncos would do well to take a lesson from Scott Stallings as he won for the third time on the PGA Tour at The Farmers Insurance Open.  In the big moment, when he needed to make a big play he did.  He didn’t freeze up, spit the bit, crap the bed or Johnny Millers favorite word, “choke.” 

While others around him succumbed to the pressure, Stallings hung in there and was able to make a play, a big play on his final hole.

With a bunch of players at eight under par Stallings was able to get to nine under for the tournament when he birdied eleven, thirteen and fourteen.  A lapse on the par three sixteenth ended in a bogey and he was back with the pack at eight under.  He knew he needed something special on the eighteenth. 

Sitting in the fairway on eighteen, only his fourth drive to find the short grass all day, he had 220 yards to clear the pond.  He nailed a four iron that just cleared the water and rested against the collar.  His solid two putt birdie got him back to nine under and one clear of the field. 

Just about the same time his putt found the bottom of the cup he closest contender, Gary Woodlawn was watching his drive on seventeen go horribly left of left and land in the hazard.  He tried to recover but his double bogey cost him any chance. 

It all took about ten seconds, Stallings’ putt and Woodlawn’s drive and the entire day had come down to that brief moment.  Sure, it was a five hour round with many shots, important shots, but it came down to those few seconds that saw Woodland’s ball find the hazard and Stallings’ ball fall in the cup.

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