Super Bowl Party at The Waste Management Phoenix Open

by Jeff Skinner

It’s Super Bowl Week and with the big game comes some of the biggest parties of the year.  That’s the case on the PGA Tour as they head to the Waste Management Phoenix Open for the biggest party in golf.

The sixteenth hole has grown to legendary status over the years.  It is a little part Super Bowl, some Bourbon Street Mardi Gras, a bit of bachelor party and a taste of Spring Break all mixed together with some golf thrown in.

The PGA Tour has embraced this “Party Til Your Putt Drops” atmosphere and the players have bought into it big time.  And that’s because they leaned quickly that two things will get you in trouble with the screaming masses on number sixteen: hitting a poor shot and acting like a stiff.

So while each player is hoping they’ll hit the green and at least two putt they are also hedging their bets so the fans won’t tear them apart.  So you’ll see candy and hats and goodies thrown to the fans in hopes of appeasing them and maybe a few footballs tossed their way and a few players may even don a jersey.

But it is all about fun on the sixteenth.  And fun for the very well lubricated fans comes in many different ways.  But for the players I am sure a birdie on the loudest hole in golf would be just what they want.


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