Ten Things I Think…Super Sunday Style

by Jeff Skinner

1.  Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: Super Bowl 48 sucked.  Denver was so overwhelmed in all aspects of the game it was painful to watch.  The game was so bad I had to fight the urge to switch to Downton Abbey.

2.  So Phil Mickelson’s golf game isn’t quite there yet but man does he have an arm.  Did you see him chucking that football on Saturday?  The Broncos could Phil Footballhave used him.

3.  Tiger Woods cashed a big check in Dubai, an appearance fee check anyway.  Tiger’s game looks like it normally does this time of year: inconsistent.  He saw few fairways, his approaches were off and even his putter was off.  But we all know this is just a paid practice session for Mr. Woods.

4.  Rory McIroy looked in better form early on in Dubai.  But with a chance to contend in the last round he ballooned to a 74 on Sunday.  That’s no way to close it out.

5.  Speaking of Rory, his fiancé, Caroline Woznacki has made a habit of walking with her man inside the ropes recently.  What is going on with this?  I would think there has to be some rules on who gets inside the ropes and this distraction can’t be good for Rory.  They even have conversations during the round.  Something is wrong here and the tours or maybe one of Rory’s buddies (like GMAC) should tell him to stop this and act like a professional not a sixteen year old.

6.  Bubba, Bubba, Bubba.  He is one of the most entertaining players on tour and maybe his inconsistency is one of the factors that make him so attractive.  With a great two putt birdie at 17 he was in control but he then airmails his approach on 18 into the crowd.  His bogey gave Kevin Stadler, who missed his birdie on 18 to win, the tournament.  That’s Bubba…up and down and down and up.

7.  Congrats to Kevin Stadler on his first PGA Tour win.  This was his 239th PGA Tour start and it‘s great to see Stadler finally break through.  He has been playing full time on tour since 2005 and at last he gets his first win.

8.  Stadler will get to tee it up with his dad, Craig at The Masters this year becoming the first father son duo to ever play together at Augusta.  Pops Stadler, the 1982 Masters Champ said after playing with his son at The Masters he will call it quits at Augusta.  He was waiting for a chance to play with his son.  If that isn’t absolutely awesome I don’t know what is.Daleat

9.  Graham DaLeat is playing some great golf this season.  In five events he has four top tens and two consecutive second place finishes.  And he is rocking some major man growth: Fear the Beard.

10.  On today’s Morning Drive they compared Bubba’s swing to that of The Greatest of All Time, Jack Nicklaus.  Believe it or not they were eerily similar.  The footwork looked identical and they both are so up on their toes they look to jump off the ground.  That’s how they were so long but I never thought they could look so similar.

Extra Point.  It was a Super Sunday for The Seattle Seahawks, Kevin Stadler, Stephen Gallacher, Pete Carroll and all the Seahawk fans.  For the Broncos, Peyton Manning, John Fox, Bubba Watson and any fan wanting an entertaining Super Bowl it just sucked.



  1. Can’t disagree with any of the comments, Unfortunately as a lefty and a westerner I was rooting for Bubba & the Broncos, Broncos hurt my cheque book more than Bubba. Only 3 more months til I can golf again, starting to get excited…

  2. I think the Broncos may have been thinking about playing golf instead of the Seahawks.

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