WGC Accenture Match Play Week…Fill Out Your Bracket

by Jeff Skinner

With Riviera in the books the PGA Tour moves to the much maligned Golf Club at Dove Mountain for the World Golf Championship-Accenture Match Play Championship.  We’ll hear all week how the players don’t like the Jack Nicklaus design or how the tour needs more match play and of course why there is no Tiger, Adam or Phil teeing it up.

But this week is different from all the other weeks on tour.  There is no cut on Friday, everyday is cut day.  One loss and its trunk slamming time.  Or should I say “private jet time.”

Anyway, what this week does give us is a chance to fill out our WGC Match Play Bracket.  It’s not March Madness but for golf geeks like us it is close.  Maybe we can call it February Frenzy.  Call it anything you like but fill one out.  It gives us all a little more reason to follow the play of all the matches.  So take a few minutes and fill one out.  This means you G. Rennie, Greek, Lil’ Skins, Gordo and Big Dick.  Let’s see who can pick the winners in this crazy week on the PGA Tour.

Click here for the PGA Tour’s Bracket Game and Printable Bracket.



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