Must Watch Video: Michael Labrie’s Story

by Jeff Skinner

The 2014 season has officially started this week, well at least on The Golf Channel.  Monday their most popular show, The Big Break debuted with Big Break Florida and a cast full of women which is sure to get good ratings.  That was followed by the season premiere of In Play With Jimmy Roberts and The Golf Channel execs were hoping to get a carryover of all those viewers watching the short skirts on Big Break.

Well it worked for me at least as I hung around to watch In Play.  Now, I am normally no fan of Jimmy Roberts but this show was by far his best offering yet.  Each segment was better than the last.  Roberts’ headliner was Gil Hanse and an up close look at the Olympic course in Rio. He has NASCAR champion Jimmie Roberts on and a piece on the history of golf in the Olympics and a Now and Then piece on flash in the pan golfer Robert Landers. 

All were interesting and entertaining segments but the highlight of the show was the tale of a golfer of a different sort, Michael Labrie.  To say Michael’s story is amazing is an understatement, it is just unbelievable.  Michael was so badly burned as a two year old he wasn’t expected to survive.

But he has done more than just survive he has flourished.  He has had over 70 operations over the years to help him recover from burns over 95% of his body and to help him lead his life.  And what an inspirational life it is.  Yes, he plays golf to a single digit handicap and that’s amazing but that’s just a small part of this incredible story.  You must watch this video.



  1. My name is Doyle, and I play golf, one handed, in St. Louis Missouri. Ever since I first saw Micheal Labrie, it has been my dream to play a round of golf with him. He inspires me, and I would love to be able to share my story with him.

  2. Doyle, great to hear from you. You and Michael sound like you share something special. Keep hitting them and best of luck! Golf is some amazing game with some amazing people!

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