Rex Hoggard’s “For the Record” Profiles Jason Day

by Jeff Skinner

Jason Day is one of the most talented golfers on the PGA Tour.  His recent win at the Accenture Match Play Championship has come out of a rededication to his game.  He spoke of playing to win money early in his career to provide for his family that wasn’t at all wealthy.  But as he matured his focused changed.

Finding happiness with his wife Ellie and a new son has given Day a new perspective on life and golf.  He now realizes that it is championships he should be chasing and not dollars.  Like many golfers, he is focused on being number one in the world.  Unlike many golfers, Day has the talent to get there.

Rex Hoggard sits down with his caddie, swing coach, mentor and friend Colin Swatton and gives us an insider’s view on Day and his path to PGA Tour greatness.


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