FootGolf Gets More “Golfers” on the Course

by Jeff Skinner

PGA of America President, Ted Bishop appeared on The Golf Channel this morning and as usual was trying to promote his beloved game.  One of the ideas he proposed to get more people on the golf course and therefore more revenue for golf course owners was FootGolf.  Don’t confuse it with Judes Smails’ “foot wedge”.  This is a bit different…and legal.

FootGolf is played on a regular golf course but the clubs and little white ball are replaced by cleats and a regular size soccer ball.  You kick you ball down the course and try and get it in a 21 inch wide golf hole.

I guess getting new people out on the course is a good thing after all; it is not cheap trying to maintain a golf course.  But I see this as a sort of course rental scheme rather than a way to get more golfers on the course.  Maybe there will be some soccer players that will try regular golf after they play FootGolf and if they do that’s a good thing.

Hey, it does look like fun and anything that gets players on the course is another potential revenue source for the course owners.  But for me, I’ll stick to my clubs and little ball but that 21 inch cup looks awful inviting.



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