Patrick Reed Backs Off Top Five Remarks

by Jeff Skinner

I beat up Patrick Reed pretty good after he claimed he was a top five player in the world on Sunday.   But in the interest of fair play here’s Reed on The Golf Channel yesterday “clarifying” what he said after the Cadillac Championship on Sunday.

He now backs off and says what he meant was he “can be” a top five player.  He pays homage to Tiger’s Sunday Red & Black outfit, “he owns it” and says he is not the favorite at The Masters.  After all it is his first major championship.

That being said, Reed has another accomplishment that few people achieve.  His enthusiastic claim on Sunday generated a new Twitter account, “Patrick Reed’s Ego.”  I see I wasn’t the only one peeved by his comments.  Click here for a few laughs at Reed’s expense.

Hat tip to Geoff Shackelford for the link to Twitter.

Update: Since this post The Golf Channel has removed the video. Strange if you ask me.


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