Patrick Reed’s Old School Training Aid: Hogan’s Driver

by Jeff Skinner

We spend millions of dollars each year on golf training aids, practice equipment and other gadgets all in that valiant search for our perfect swing.  Patrick Reed is smarter than that.

The three time PGA Tour winner who’s so confident he said he’s one of the top five golfers in the world found a way to groove his swing on the cheap.  It’s not like he would actually have to pay for anything golf related anyway but this is pretty cool.

Reed practices with an old Ben Hogan persimmon driver as a training aid.  He says,” It teaches you to hit the center of the clubface, especially with the driver.” 

A pro like Reed can find the sweet spot no matter how tiny, “I can still hit it out there about 290, maybe 280. I’ve noticed that you don’t lose distance with it if you hit it in the center of the face. If you don’t hit it in the center of the face, you’re going to hit it 230 and the ball is going to be head-high and either slicing or hooking. It really gives you feedback quickly.”

If you can hit that thing you can hit anything.  Last summer I took my boys out to the range with my old Wilson Staff woods circa 1980.  These were similar to the ones Hale Irwin played back it the day and we learned a thing or two about technology: small headed, persimmon woods are really tough to hit.

My one son could still put a hurtin’ on the ball when he caught it on the screws, literally but like Reed said an off–center hit was painful on the hands and the eyes.  The lesson: All hail modern technology and the 460cc driver.

Patrick Reed Drivers

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