Tiger, Adam, Karrie, Matt & The Hall

by Jeff Skinner

Matt Every is busy polishing his trophy, answering text messages and making reservations at Augusta for his first trip to The Masters.  Every joins Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey as former Big Break contestants that won on the PGA Tour.  But as good as every was back in 2007 when he was on Big Break Mesquite the breaks didn’t go his way.  He was eliminated on the second episode.

Adam Scott will do well to put his Sunday round behind him.  His putter started faltering in round three and by Sunday he had lost that magic touch.  This begs the question: When will he make the switch to an “unanchored stroke.”  Some say his stroke was pretty unanchored on Sunday.

I was glad to see that the World Golf Hall of Fame has got their act together, at least to some extent and finalized their new criteria for admission.  Here’s a bit of the criteria, Male Competitor, these are players of at least 40 years old with 15 or more wins on approved Tours or two victories among Major championships. It probably should be a minimum of two majors.  Does this mean Monty will be asked to resign?  Oh, of course not he has 31 European Tour wins…PGA Tour wins?  Zero.  Good thing Monty got in when he did.

If there is a classier golfer than Karrie Webb on this planet somebody let me know.  Webb charged to victory at the LPGA Founders Cup for her 41st LPGA Tour win.  No player has embraced the tribute to the ladies that started the LPGA like Webb.  She’s been so gracious and supportive of the event and she put her money where her mouth is.  She took $50,000 of her winnings and paid it forward if you will.  Half went to the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf and the other half to a production company trying to finish a documentary on the “Founders of the LPGA.”  Webb gets it, always has.

Tiger Woods tells us that it is still too early to tell if he can tee it up at The Masters.  For Augusta, it’s actually still a little too soon, to be honest with you.  That’s kind of the frustrating thing about this.”  His balky back is threatening his season as Woods is off to the worst start of his career.  “I’ve had a couple weeks off and getting treatment and just working on trying to get ready for Augusta,” Woods said Monday. “As of right now, it’s still too soon, which is, as I said, pretty frustrating.”  The Masters is the only major he has never missed as a professional.  I think he tees it up at Augusta even if his caddie, Joe LaCava has to carry him from shot to shot.


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