All You Need for The Masters & More

by Jeff Skinner

MastersThis week is unlike any other in golf.  Masters week is as special as it gets and if you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough of anything and everything Masters.  What makes grown men act like kids on Christmas morning?  It’s The Masters.  No tournament or course is held in such high regard as The Masters played on the holy ground of Augusta National.

We wait all year for this to come around as it marks the unofficial start of the golf season for those living in the colder regions.  But before you know it Jim Nantz will be interviewing this year’s winner in Butler Cabin.  So we can’t go into this week without a plan.  A plan to optimize our time and get the most Masters we can in these next few days before the green jacket is slipped on the 2014 champion.

Here is some critical information to help you thoroughly enjoy the best week of the golf season.

First and foremost is Masters.com.  This site has so much great content on it you better restrain yourself from hitting it if you are at work.  As you go from page to page you’ll be lost in a trance of loblolly pines and azaleas.   Hit all the sections especially “History” and you may find yourself fist pumping like Phil Mickelson in 2004.  Click here for Phil’s first Masters win.

No one covers a championship like a hometown paper and in The Augusta Chronicle you have one of the best golf sections in the country.  Their Masters homepage is updated 24-7 with news, pictures, videos and features you won’t find anywhere else.  You get the feeling that it’s their Masters and they are letting all the outsiders in on their secret.  Click here for Masters 2014 Coverage by The Augusta Chronicle.

Normally on Thursday and Friday we would tune into The Golf Channel for the early rounds but not this week.  The live coverage is over on ESPN but as usual The Golf Channel has their “Live from The Masters”  program to keep us up to date on everything from the green speeds to the color of Rickie Fowler’s underwear.  From The Morning Drive to the night time Live From the Masters they are stacked for hours and hours of Masters coverage.  Click here for the Golf Channel’s Masters Schedule.

ESPN and crew will start their live coverage of the early rounds at 3:00pm on Thursday and Friday.  Click here for their golf coverage.

ESPN will do a fine job but I can’t wait until the afternoon to see live action of The Masters.  The boys in the green jackets know that it is downright cruel to make us wait to 3:00pm so they have hooked us up with some live action on Masters.com.  There is plenty of early action online starting with Amen Corner coverage at 10:45am and holes 15 & 16 at 11:45.  Along with that they have two featured groups covered starting at noon.  This coverage is so good you should consider watching it alongside your television coverage.  Isn’t technology grand!  Click here for their schedule of all the action.

And if sitting in front of your multiple televisions supplemented by a laptop or tablet isn’t enough and you want something a bit more tangible I have just the fix for your Masters thirst.  If you think you need to go to Augusta to get a hat or shirt or golf ball with The Masters logo…well you’re wrong.   The good folks at MMO Golf will do all the hard work for you.  They get to Augusta and stand on line and load themselves down with tons of stuff so guys like us don’t have to fork over $2,000 for a Masters ticket to get in the merchandize tent.  MMO Golf is a Golf Majors Tournament shopping service.  Masters Merchandize is only sold the week of the tournament.  But we can buy it all year from MMO Golf.  It’s like they are our own personal shopper.  It’s a great deal and all the stuff is authentic  Masters merchandise.  Click here and get that credit card ready.  You’ll find the stuff you have always wanted.


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