Anthony Kim MIA, Trump Turnberry & Notah On the Mend

by Jeff Skinner

The number one most asked question in golf for a long time has been “Will Tiger Woods beat Jack Nicklaus?”  The second most asked question may be up for debate but one of the candidates has to be “Whatever happened to Anthony Kim?”

Kim was an up and comer some years ago but injuries and “distractions” resulted in him disappearing for the last two seasons.  John Hawkins of The Golf Channel answers the AK question, well not exactly.  Kim’s agent gives Hawk the lowdown on Kim…he may be back some time soon.

“I’m hopeful it will be in 2014,” Kim’s agent, Clarke Jones, told me Sunday. “Anything other than that is a guess, and I don’t like to guess. He’s a marvelous talent, but it has been a long time. There’s no denying that.”

There isn’t a more polarizing figure in golf than Donald Trump, well maybe Tiger, you either hate him or you love him.  But one thing is for sure, neither of them is going away any time soon.  Trump continues to be in the spotlight, just like he likes it.  As reported by BBC.com The Donald has just purchased the historic Turnberry Golf Resort.

Turnberry has hosted the Open Championship for two of the most memorable Open Championships, in 1977 Nicklaus and Watson battled it out in the “Duel in the Sun” and in 2009 when Tom Watson lost in a playoff to Stewart Cink.

Trump like to do things in a big way and has been chomping at the bit for one of his courses to host a major.  We’ll see if the R & A thinks Trump is worth the trouble.  Trump loves to brand his clubs with his name so it is just a matter of time before we see Trump Turnberry.

The Golf Channel has made a habit of hiring professional golfers both working and retired and it has worked out fairly well as most of them offer plenty of insightful and relevant perspectives on the subject at hand.  One of the ex-pros that has worked out quite well is Notah Begay.  Begay is one of Tiger’s closer friends in golf and I am sure that line on his resume worked in his favor.  Begay has grown into a solid asset with his on course reporting and his in studio commentary. 

But Notah won’t be seen on television any time soon as the 41 year old suffered a heart attack last week in Dallas.  He is back home after doctors implanted a stint to unblock his right coronary artery and expects to make a full recovery. 

“I’m extremely grateful for the expert care I received from Dr. Jenkins and his staff,” Begay said. “I anticipate a full recovery and feel lucky to be at home resting with my family. I appreciate the outpouring of well wishes I’ve received from family, friends and fans and I will be back covering golf once I’m fully recovered.”


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