It’s Time to Move to a Golf Course

When it gets this cold and snowy up here in the north I, like millions of golfers that hate winter start to think about living the good life in a much warmer climate. Maybe a nice little place on a golf course with warm breezes and cold drinks.

I think I may have found my spot.

Check out this little shack with a nice water view which happens to be on a quaint little course.

Got $50 million? Then make an offer on this 17 Mile Drive property which just happens to be a quick walk from Pebble Beach.


It’s far enough from the course so you won’t be hassled by the obnoxious mooks that are playing Pebble for their one and only round. But close enough to make Pebble your home course (dream on) and sits right on the water with magnificent ocean views and a great look at the course too.


Not a bad way to spend the winter.

Check out the full listing here.



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