Michael Breed Out at The Golf Channel

Any self respecting golf fanatic spends plenty of time watching The Golf Channel and is sure to try a few of the tips offered on their many instructional programs. Well, this year there has been a significant change in their team of instructors.

Michael Breed’s tag line on his Golf Fix show was,”let’s do this.”  Unfortunately he won’t be doing it any longer as he has been dropped from their lineup.

According to The Man Out Front at Golfweek, Breed has departed to take his SiriusXM gig full time and has signed a deal with Golf Digest for an online instruction platform.breed 2

Breed brought an inexhaustible level of enthusiasm to The Golf Fix and was beloved by viewers. The pairing with The Golf Channel was good for both parties as Breed’s career took off with his ability to reach millions and he brought a devoted following to The Golf Channel.

Breed has his golf school at Trump Ferry Point in New York and had a difficult schedule commuting back and forth to Orlando while tending to his many enterprises and raising a young family. That being said, Golfweek states the departure was less then amicable.

I will miss Breed’s non-stop exuberance and his detail oriented instruction but The Golf Channel does not lack for instructors. With their purchase of Revolution Golf they have access to some top instructors and wasted no time in getting a few some face-time.

Cameron McCormick of Jordan Spieth fame, signed late last year and they just announced that Sean Foley who has Justin Rose in his stable and was Tiger Woods’ coach for a spell will now host Playing Lessons in prime time and serve as a golf analyst.

If Breed was the King of Enthusiasm then Foley is the Dalai Lama of Zen. He brings a more introspective, technical and existential perspective to the game.

Will he garner a following like Breed…unlikely. But he’ll certainly offer some solid instruction and a unique perspective. Oh, and maybe he’ll take a piece or two of Brandel Chamblee as they go at it as analysts.


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