Tiger Makes Cut, Phil Needs More Gloves

The big news out of San Diego and the Farmers Insurance Open is that Tiger Woods made the cut and will be around for the weekend to pump up the television ratings.

Woods, while not sharp was able to hack it around Torrey Pines and heroically birdie his final hole to finish on the number at one under par.

One of the other big draws this week is the hometown favorite Phil Mickelson. And Phil the Thrill did just that as he worked his magic to make pars and birdies from places on the course the way only Phil can.

With his driver spraying balls into the crowd on many occasions Phil did his best to apologize to the lucky (or unlucky) target of his wayward shots by signing a glove or two, or three for the fan that felt the pain of a ball in the back.

That prompted the best line of the season so far from one of The Golf Channel crew. As Phil was meandering over to the crowd surrounding his unruly ball someone chimed in,”How many gloves does he go through in a season?” A hilariously perfect line for an imperfect shot.


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