Spirit of Golf

L.L.G. Reviews

Michael Murphy, “Golf in the Kingdom”

A magical tale of the spirit of golf, Golf in the Kingdom will ignite your golfing soul. All of us could take a lesson from Murphy’s playing partner, Shivas Irons. This is a wonderful novel of mysticism and spirituality.

James Dodson, “Final Rounds”

A father and a son, and their friendship and love for each other. Sometimes this game of golf is just an excuse to be close to the people we love. Dodson knows golf and understands people. This is a truly moving book.

John Feinstein, “Caddy for Life”

Feinstein has written many great books on golf and the people in it. This may be his most compelling. The story of Bruce Edward’s life in golf as Tom Watson’s caddy is a poignant, emotional journey. The courage, integrity and devotion displayed by Edwards and Watson show us why they were loved so much in the world of golf.