Big Questions for 2017


The 2017 golf season is here and as we golf fanatics look towards the future there are plenty of questions for the upcoming season. Jaime Diaz of Golf World poses a few of those in his piece,”Golf’s 10 Biggest Questions for 2017.” He starts off with who will be the best player and names a few of the top players as candidates but my money is on Rory McIlroy. I think Rors is fed up with all the attention placed… Continue Reading


Holly Sonders, Perfect “Fit” On Golf Digest Cover

by Jeff Skinner The folks at Golf Digest have taken a page from The Golf Channel, many pages in fact.  The May issue features The Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders as their cover girl. It’s their Fitness Issue and indeed Sonders is fit and Golf Digest takes great effort to show just how fit she is. Sonders won a NCAA National Championship while playing at Michigan State and has parlayed her”fitness” into a prime gig on The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive… Continue Reading