My Golf Game: All About Fun


I’ve been purposely laying low as far as all things golf go since my last round in November. An aching elbow needed some rest and quite honestly I needed a break both physically and mentally from this game that I let consume me. Winter in the Northeast isn’t conducive to anyone’s golf game and while a trip to the indoor golf simulator appeases many a golf appetite it doesn’t do it for me. So I usually make do with some… Continue Reading


Rickie Fowler: To Putt or Not To Putt

sand trap

One of the wonderful aspects of the game of golf is that every round is different. Even on the same course you never play exactly the same round. Fourteen clubs, 6,700 yards, 120 acres and an inconsistent swing all lead to infinite possibilities during any round of golf. And factor into that the mind of the golfer and many of us will try to play the same shot ten different ways.  My Greek Brother is famous for his sand game.… Continue Reading