The Case for Televisions…Multiple Televisions

The time has come for a revolution in America.The explosion of media in the last decade has been incredible.Sixty inch LCD TV’s and Blackberries and IPods pervade our society.Each day brings a new development that makes our TV’s larger and our computers smaller.All of us are addicted to some new technology.It may be video games, texting, web surfing, television, cell phones, Blackberries or IPods, but all of us have some type of techno affliction.

I can understand it. Having the ability to search the web for information on any subject from the comfort of my couch is fantastic.I can watch a movie on my IPod while sitting in the waiting room of my doctor.Who can remember when we did not have a computer in the house? The ability to have instant access to information and answers to questions in a second’s time has become ingrained in this generation.

While I have acknowledged the need for and utilized my home computer for years, it is only recently that I have succumbed to the hand held obsession.This IPod contraption is great, and someday I’ll figure out all the options. I am content for now with non-stop music and a few movies. I may be a novice when it concerns hand held devices but if the topic is home television, I am on the cutting edge.

First, I need to dispel the idea that watching television is a not a productive activity.Some would say that TV watching is a waste of time that could be used doing something more useful.That may well be the case.There are many mindless and unintelligent programs on television and some how they seem to get the highest ratings.At the same time, there are many intelligent, well written and informative programs that entertain and inform us.We need to be selective with our viewing.

Now here is where I am ahead of the curve.In my home I do not have a television in my living room.I have two televisions, two televisions that are watched simultaneously.If watching one TV can be rewarding and constructive, then two must be even more so.

Watching television in my home is a family activity.When we are all home plenty of time is spent watching TV together.It is not TV watching in the normal sense, where you sit there and can’t talk or make a sound.We all can talk and joke and have fun while watching TV.It’s great fun and if we miss something that was said we have a DVR, so we replay it.

Multiple televisions allow us to view multiple shows at the same time.It is invaluable when watching sporting events.If you are a fan of different sports you are able watch all the games live, and not later on a recording.Super Bowl Sunday is a good day to try the MTV (multiple televisions) experiment.The pre-game could be viewed on one TV while basketball, golf, hockey or even a movie could be seen on the other.Sure,many people use more then one television on Super Bowl Sunday, but be bold, try different programs and expand your horizons.

There are some technical limitations which you’ll have to work through.You may need additional receivers and cables.You may need to rearrange some furniture but it is worth it.You’ll be increasing your TV viewing pleasure and saving yourself sometime by not watching recorded programs.Soon you will be addicted to multiple TV’s.

Depending on the sports season and the programming, you may need to expand beyond two televisions.During the time when baseball season is getting primed for the postseason and the football season is starting up, multiple TV’s is a must for any real sports fan.Here is my typical setup during the early fall:one TV tuned to my local NFL team, one TV tuned to the NFL Sunday Ticket and another TV on baseball or golf.My personal record was four televisions in my living room.Each TV had a special program:N.Y. Jets on one, Yankees versus Red Sox, NFL Sunday Ticket and the Ryder Cup.It was a glorious viewing afternoon.

I am no longer hesitant to say I am a TV watcher.For years many people in our society have looked down upon television as the pastime of the less cultured.That is not the case.The wide variety of programming on television today enables us to view anything we wish.From news, business, sports, literature, music and so on, TV has become a medium for all kinds of subject matter.No matter how cultured or how base, there is always something of interest to watch.

The MTV movement is growing.Recently, I was talking to some friends about my Sunday afternoon TV setup and was pleased to find out that there are plenty of guys out there doing the same thing.One household boasts four TV’s on NFL football Sundays all with different games on.Technology is great!There are no limits to our viewing options.

Super Bowl Sunday may be a good day to try the MTV experiment.Once you give it a try, you’ll be hooked.Your days of one television viewing will be over forever.The television is a wonderful invention that has entertained and informed us for years.Now, with the MTV system it will finally reach its full potential and keep us entertained for a long time. The Multiple Television Revolution is upon us, watch and enjoy.



  1. I have been a two TV in the family room for 7+ years now. As an avid sports fan, I was constantly telling my wife, “let me just check the score”. Once we added the 2nd TV (19″ secondary to the 27″ primary), everything improved. We would watch our shows together, and I can have the Yankees, Rangers, Monday Night Football, College Basketball, etc., on the 2nd TV. If the game gets to an exciting part, we would pause the main TV (I’ve been a TiVo man for 8+ years), and then watch the game.

    In the last two years, I’ve moved to a 50″ HD primary and a 32″ HD secondary. During football season for DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket, a 3rd 27″ Standard Def TV is added. I’ve gone as high as four a few times, including election night in 2008.

    I’m glad I’m not the only nutty one out there, but as my wife of 10+ years will tell you, this has probably saved us hundreds of dump arguments.

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