Tiger’s Niece Making Her Mark

by Jeff Skinner

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If it is Monday, then it’s the start of a new week of a new golf tournament on the PGA Tour. If that tournament happens to have Tiger Woods in the field, you can expect an onslaught of “Tiger Woods” stories. If that tournament has both Woods and Phil Mickelson in the field you can expect nothing but “Tiger and Phil” coverage. That’s the case this week as Tiger and Phil are both in the field at the Quail Hollow Championship. It’s great to see the top two players in the world play together again, but there is another person named Woods making some noise in the golf world lately. It is Cheyenne Woods, Tiger’s niece. Cheyenne Woods is a freshman golfer for the Wake Forest Women’s golf team. Ms. Woods has just helped the Demon Deacons win the ACC Women’s Golf Title. They stopped Duke’s thirteen year run as champions and gave second place North Carolina a whipping as they won by 24 strokes. Woods isn’t the star of the team but she played well in the tournament. The star for Wake Forest was Natalie Sheary as she defeated three time ACC Champion, Amanda Blumenherst in a playoff for individual honors. The team is powered by sophomore Sheary, and seniors Nanette Hill and Jean Chua.

Cheyenne learned the game from her grandfather, Earl Woods, and the similarities to Tiger are evident. She has a wonderful swing and carries herself with poise and maturity beyond her years. It’s only a matter of time before she has her day on top of the leader boards. For now, she is content to be a student athlete and help her team while learning the game. Check out the video from the Today Show. You’ll see a personable and confident young lady that’s a dead ringer for her famous uncle.


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