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“Hooks and Slices” will bring you our view on whats happening in the golf world.

I thought rookie Matt Bettencourt moving up to tie for the lead at The Memorial was great, but the real surprise was Geoff Ogilvy. On Friday he finished with a double bogey and a bogey. Thinking his 74 put him out of the tournament, he was so upset he tossed a club while still on the green. He entered Saturday’s round T57, shoots a near perfect 63 and puts himself back in the hunt and finishes T5. How fickle this game can be. He may have entered what I call the “I don’t give a s__t zone.” That’s when you are so out of it or frustrated with your game that you really don’t care. At that point you’ve taken all the pressure off yourself, you stop thinking and just swing. If that was the case for Geoff it worked pretty well. The rest of the field better hope he starts “giving a s__t” today or he’ll be the one posing with Jack’s trophy.

A pair of Cristie’s/Kristy’s (take your pick on the spelling) share the lead at the LPGA State Farm Classic. Cristie Kerr shot a 66 to catch and tie Kristy McPherson. Kerr is number four in the World Rankings now, but no one is more fun to watch on the course than Kristy McPherson. She takes chances and is always talking to herself and her ball. She must think she is still on The Big Break and the television microphones are always close enough to pick up her South Carolina twang.


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