Hit Ball Win Car!

Jason Dufner has a one stroke lead at the Canadian Open and had the best round of the day with a nine under 63. But the shot of the day goes to Leif Olsen and the record of the day goes to Mark Calcavecchia. Olsen played a carom off his partner’s ball to ace the 15th and gets a new BMW Z4 Roadster. They handed him the keys on the spot, he should have taken that baby for a spin right there. Calcavecchia broke the PGA Tour record for consecutive birdies when he strung nine straight birds together. Calc is my kind of golfer, or should I say our kind of golfer. We all look more like Calc but we all think we look like Tiger. I’ll take Calc’s gut and his laid back attitude any day, and he has his fifteen year old son on the bag. How cool is that!

Check out the videos.


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