“Hey Dad, It’s the Golf Course”

by Jeff Skinner

Among the many aspects that make golf a great game is the deep-seated sense of tradition. Along with the rules of golf, the traditions and etiquette of the sport are passed on from golfer to golfer and hopefully from generation to generation. I try to always respect the traditions and etiquette of game. I think I had one of those “pay it forward” experiences the other day.

I had called one of my favorite courses and made an early morning tee time. My buddy and I like to go out first, play a quick eighteen and have the rest of the day to work or goof off. He works, I goof off. Anyway, the next day I get a call from the course asking for me. They were calling to tell me that the greens were being aerated and that if I still wanted to play I would have to play the front nine twice on aerated greens. Now, let me say this. I play this course regularly and when I can’t make a tee time I always call to cancel. I figure this is the polite thing to do, but I never had a course call me to do the same.

My buddy and I chose to cancel our tee time as we really didn’t want to putt on freshly aerated greens. When I called back to cancel it took me a few times to get through as they were calling the other tee times to do the same. When I got through I made sure to thank them for the call and expressed how surprised I was about the call. They acted like it was no big deal, but I think it was.

I think their action is an extension of the etiquette of the game and at the very least great customer service. We have all showed up for tee times at some course, only to find out that the greens were aerated yesterday, but they failed to tell us when we made the tee time for fear of losing the revenue. I can tell you this. The fine people at Garrison Golf Club just increased their customer loyalty by a few points. I applaud their honesty and courtesy and can’t wait to tee it up again; as soon as those greens grow in. Thanks guys.

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  1. Wow! I’ve never heard of a course doing this either. That is really cool. Usually that is one of those things you find out about when checking in. I don’t get out that way often, but if I ever do, I’ll have to check out the Garrison. Place looks pretty nice.

  2. I think it is great that you are writing to commend the course for this action. I would do the same sadly I cannot tell you how many times we have gone to play at some course during the aeration period and they did not mention it until you get to the course. While I understand the need for revenue, I can also tell you that I rarely return to a course that cares so little about my business as to not give me the courtesy of making the choice to play in these conditions, not be forced to. Golf is a game of relationships and when courses do not treat their clients like “partners” they lose business whether they realize it or not. I’m hoping your note gets pushed out to all the course mangers as I often wonder if they know how mad one action like this can make the clientele.

  3. You’re right, golf is a game of relationships. When guys like us play a course we treat it as our own. It is refreshing to get treated like more than just a “greens fee.”

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