Hooks and Slices from The Presidents Cup

“Hooks and Slices” will bring you our view on whats happening in the golf world.

The Presidents Cup is over and Tiger and the boys have The Cup, but here are some “Hooks and Slices” from Frisco.

Good Stuff…

Tiger Woods going 5-0, finding the perfect mate in Steve Stricker and smacking Y.E. Yang in singles

Tim Clark may have left his heart in San Francisco. He played his heart out and was the soul of the Internationals, his eagle at 18 on Friday stole the show and his eight birdies killed Zach Johnson on Sunday.

Freddy Couples looked like he was walking in the park, Harding Park all weekend. He had a ball and his laid back attitude trickled down to his team.

Sean O’Hair gets a putting tip from Phil and proceeds to putt like a master.

Michael Jordan, MJ kept the troops loose and didn’t act like he was a real captain, more like a mascot, a tall, rich mascot.

Phil Mickelson was more like a playing captain or coach. He shook AK and O’Hair out of their funk and may have created a putting monster with the way O’Hair finished putting. Phil looked so comfortable being a mentor and the rock for these guys…what a resource for all the team matches to come.

Sportsmanship is the name of the game here and Vijay pulled the best move of the week when he conceded Lucas Glover’s 7 footer on 18 during singles on Sunday. The way Glover was putting it was more of a miss than a make, and Vijay let Glover earn his only half point of the match. Nice move Vijay.

The International team uniforms were classy and sharp. All week they looked great.

Bad and just plain ugly stuff…

Poor Adam Scott has been everyone’s punching bag. He needs some time off to get healthy and regain his stroke.

Lucas Glover was there in body only. He couldn’t sink a putt all week and maybe he is just spent.

Sean O’Hair’s putting the first two days was horrible. After Phil coached him up he was dropping putts like he owned the hole.

I have to put Michael Jordan here, just for the fact that Couples went outside the golf world for his “assistant/advisor.” It sets a bad precedent…who’s next on the team…Rush Limbaugh?

Camilo Villegas goes 0-4…Spiderman got smacked by Team USA.

Talk about ugly…I got chills when I saw Barry Bonds at Harding Park. Please don’t let him be on someone’s short list for an “assistant/advisor.”

Greg Norman gets a big zero for this captaincy. He made some questionable pairings all week but his biggest foul up was when he picked an out of form Adam Scott as his captains pick. Scott couldn’t bail his buddy out and Norman lost this match before it ever began.

Finally, the US Teams uniforms get worse each year. I know it’s tough to put something classy together when they are limited to red, white and blue but come on! Don’t get me wrong…I am a true Red, White and Blue American. But they need to downplay the red and use some neutral colors. The International Team and The Ryder Cuppers kick our butt when it comes to looking good on the golf course. Well, at least the US has both trophies!


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