A Golf Course for Veterans Only

by Jeff Skinner

Playing golf can be frustrating game at times but more often than not a round of golf can be a cure for whatever ails you. It is easy to forget your problems when you’re out there on the course. Here’s a story of a course in Lakewood, Washington that does a little bit more than most golf courses.

The American Lake Veterans Golf Course is a nine hole course that is only available to US Veterans. The course opened over sixty years ago as part of a Veterans Hospital’s rehabilitation program to help disabled veterans. Since 1995 it has been run and maintained by volunteers without any federal funding.

The course is used by hundreds of veterans that have suffered significant life changing injuries. Some use it for the physical rehabilitation, some for the emotional and some just like to play golf. The American Lakes Mission Statement says it all:

“To assist with the improvement, care and maintenance of the American Lake Veterans Golf Course to enable disabled veterans to rehabilitate themselves both physically and emotionally, so all military personnel and veterans can enjoy the benefits of golf in a positive, therapeutic and accepting social

The disabled veterans that play at American Lakes like to think of themselves as just some guys playing golf. Like most golfers they want to enjoy themselves with friends, make a few putts and get better at the game. The fact is they are different from most golfers. These men and women put themselves in harm’s way to do their duty. These vets did more than just serve their country. They all gave a piece of themselves and many returned from their service less than whole. They are an amazing group of people.

Check out the video and the links to the course. Take a second and donate a few bucks, it’s easy. I can’t think of a more deserving cause. You won’t be alone in your generosity. The course has drawn the attention of Jack Nicklaus who is helping design another nine holes. Jack knows a great cause when he sees one.

Link to American Lakes Veterans Golf Course

Donate to American Lakes Veterans Golf Course


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