Golfers Say “Thanks” at Thanksgiving

If you follow the true spirit of Thanksgiving you have to take a minute to stop and reflect and give thanks for something in your life. In my family we all do it as we are sitting around the table as we feast on that poor turkey. Me, I’m thankful for my pitching wedge (it’s unstoppable), a family that loves me and a pair of sisters that cook a meal that makes Martha Stewart look like hack. Thanks guys!

Here are some of the “thanks” that we might hear if we were sharing our bird with the guys we watch play golf all year.

Anthony Kim: “I’m thankful that I won last year so I could goof off this year.”

Stewart Cink: “I’m thankful that Tom Watson finally felt his age on the 18th at Turnberry.”

Y.E. Yang: “Do I really have to tell you? Thanks Tiger!”

Tiger Woods: “I’m thankful for all those zeros on my bank account and a successful season even though I didn’t win a major. Oh hell, even I don’t believe that!”

Sergio Garcia:”I’m thankful that I look this good even if I don’t win a major.”

John Daly:”I’m thankful that those guys at Loudmouth Pants are dumb enough to pay me and everyday is Thanksgiving for me.”

Michelle Wie: “I’m soooooooo thankful for my trophy, Duh!”

Rory McIlroy: “The hair, man, the hair!”

Phil Mickelson:”This is an easy one: Amy and the kids.”

Adam Scott: “I’m thankful for so many hot chics out there to console me.”


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