Great Stuff From 2009

by Jeff Skinner

Over the past year I’ve had a chance to write and rant on plenty of subjects. Looking back, I have had a real ball this year. So here’s a recap of some of my favorite spots from February and March 2009, some were spot on and some were way out there…but they all were fun.

Links Life Golf profiled two 2009 rookies, Stacy Lewis and Webb Simpson. We followed their success all season. Stacy Lewis is the Best Story in Golf and Webb Simpson, Hot Rookie on Tour.

In a pair of articles about Jack and Tiger we compared their results on the course and we suggested that Tiger could learn much from the way Jack handled his family life on tour. It was long before Thanksgiving Day accidents and mistresses on TMZ. Tiger vs. Jack and  Tiger Should Copy Jack One More Time.

Even back then we knew Tiger wasn’t the coolest guy in golf and that all professional golfers needed more friends.  Tiger Woods is Not the Coolest Guy in Golf and Pro Golfers need More Friends.

We first saw double heart transplant recipient, Erik Compton play on The PGA Tour. There wasn’t a more emotional story on tour all year. Erik Compton Shows Real Heart.


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