Life After Tiger: Rickie Fowler

by Jeff Skinner

So the 2010 Season has opened and the winners of 2009 are basking in the warm Hawaiian sunshine. While the rest of us try to stay warm, dig out and count the days to our Florida trip, Tim Finchem is still mapping out his strategy to keep faces watching golf while the tour adjusts to the “Tiger AD” era. That’s “After he Did it” in case you were unaware. The Tour could use a new, fresh face to capture some of those rating points that will disappear as long as Tiger does the same. Rich Lerner has an interview in Golf Digest with the one of the best solutions for Tim Finchems’ problem.

Rickie Fowler could be one of the most attractive players on tour, for many reasons. He’s young, good looking and has a “Zac Efron” look. If I have to explain who Efron is my point is already made. He wears his hair a little longer and that makes him discernable from the dozens of rail thin golfers out there. He is a crossover from Motocross. His first love is Motocross and he appears to be a kid that could show up at the course one day and jump his bike over the water on the eighteenth hole. He has an appeal to a much younger demographic that normally follows golf.

Oh yea, he can play like hell. He may be a hip, youngster, but he plays “old school.” He’s a very aggressive player, shoots at pins, drives it a mile and plays fast! He sounds almost too good to believe when he quotes Bobby Jones when he says he’s playing against “old man par.” As Fowler and Lerner say his past on the dirt bike trails have made him “fearless.” He’s just the player golf could use right now.


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