Daly & Fowler Miss the Cut: Balls Can Be Dangerous

Well, the John Daly comeback was bound to hit a speed bump somewhere along the way. Too bad it’s the first tournament of the year. Daly missed the cut so the tour lost one of the biggest draws at The Sony Open. Better luck next time John.

One of the other closely watched stories in Hawaii was Rickie Fowler’s debut as a full member of the PGA Tour. Unfortunately, Fowler met the same fate as Daly, showing that the Golfing Gods have no favoritism towards youth. I have a feeling that Rickie will be making a lot more cuts than Daly this year.

At least those two got to play two rounds. Tim Wilkinson had to suffer the indignity of being knocked out of the tournament by his own ball. During the second round Wilkinson tried to hit his ball out of a ditch on the eighth hole and hit a tree. The ball ricocheted off the tree and hit him in collarbone. He felt compelled to withdraw. Ouch.

If you have the dream of living your golden years on a golf course, be careful what you wish for. A couple in Naples, Florida have to live with a constant barrage of golf balls hitting their house and landing in their yard. It seems the slicers off the first tee find the house more often than they do the fairway. They are collecting 200 balls a month. That’s a sad commentary on the quality of the golfers in Naples.


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