Warm Weather Golf for a Few Northerners

by Jeff Skinner

This time of year if you live in a cold weather section of the United States, playing a little golf is nothing more than a dream.  But as many golf fanatics know there is that magic elixir that can satisfy the yearning for some birdies, divots and skins: The Golf Trip.

This week I have spent a few lovely days away from the cold and snow of New York’s Hudson Valley and been warming my old bones in the warmth of Tampa, Florida.  Even though the natives down here are complaining about how cool it is, to us Northerners it is heaven.

I flew in Monday and played 18 holes in shorts, got 36 in on Tuesday under sunny skies and Wednesday’s 36 gave us all  a little bit of everything: a cool morning, a warm pleasant mid-day and a little rain in the afternoon to test out our new rain gear.  On Thursday Tampa braced for a cold front and high winds.  Our early morning round was played in bright sunshine, temperatures in the 50’s and a wind that would make a Scotsman from Fife feel at home.  The Tampa natives thought it was freezing but I thought it was pure heaven.

As New York digs out and deals with another storm that continues to dump more and more snow, I sit here reveling in the fact that we actually played all the golf we planned to and even got an unexpected bonus: an extra night in Tampa because our flight home was cancelled due to the weather.

A little warm weather golf in the middle of winter can be just enough to help us make it through to the start of a new season. I can’t wait.

Knuckleheads from the North


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