Thursday Chips

by Jeff Skinner

Chip Shots…

One popular phrase that has been tossed about for years in golfing circles is the need “to grow the game.”  The players love to use that line when they travel around the world to pick up their huge appearance fees.  Well, one golfer this week is putting his money where his mouth is, his own money.  Miguel Angel Jimenez is home in Spain to bankroll the Open de Andalucía.  He feels it is so important to showcase his hometown he is willing to put up his own cash if needed.  Once again he proves that he is the coolest guy in golf.

Do you think new LPGA Commissioner Michael Whan is employing a different management style than his predecessor? Absolutely.  He is the Anti-Bivens.  Last week he caddied for a Futures Tour Player for a day and he just knocked the players for a loop at his first LPGA Player’s Meeting.  This guy is loaded with personality and is running an open and energized tour.  The next two years are critical for the LPGA and it looks like they have a real leader at the top.

Can golf save the planet? Well it may be a stretch but golf does a lot more good to the environment than most people realize.  Golf courses are being hailed for their role in “carbon sequestration.” That’s environmental speak for “cleaning the air.”  You’d be surprised how a golf course can help the environment.

It’s Arnie’s week at Bay Hill The King is enjoying the spotlight as the tour tees it up on his own Bay Hill Club and Lodge.  No single player has done more for the advancement of golf than Arnie.  1960 was a pivotal year for The King and golf in America.  Curt Sampson recounts the year that saw golf at a crossroads.  Hogan, Palmer and Nicklaus all crossed paths and the changing of the guard was underway.  As Palmer has said, “ He (Hogan) was not a great guy.  He was a great player.”  Arnie was a great player and an even greater guy and Nicklaus was just about to start his journey to becoming the greatest of all time.  Check out Sampson’s article in Golf Digest. For lack of a better word, it’s great.


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