The Old Tiger Woods Is Back

by Jeff Skinner

So Phil Mickelson was the man at The Skins Game but Tiger Woods spent some time in front of a microphone yesterday.  Tiger was his usual uninspiring self when answering most of the questions.  He did say his neck feels good and he is still taking treatment each day.  He’s glad to be back playing here, he should be he has four wins at The Memorial.  As far as his personal life, “Life is moving forward” is all he would say and he is starting to get into golf again.  He does understand why Hank was relieved to be away from all the extra pressures of the last six months.

The highlight or lowlight, depending how you view it, was when Alex Miceli posed this question to Woods, “ Tiger, in regards to the neck, it seems like you didn’t really understand what was going on with that. Sometimes you seemed to be maybe not as forthcoming with some of the information. Do you see that as a competitive issue, why you may not tell us exactly what’s going on with some of the injuries you have.”  Tiger’s curt response, complete with his stare was, “You don’t need to know.”  That’s the old Tiger: putting up those walls again.  Forget the kinder, gentler Tiger.  He must have left town with Hank.


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