Sergio Garcia Should Call Tiger Woods

by Jeff Skinner

Sergio Garcia has started his “break from golf” since he missed the cut at The PGA Championship and has said he’ll not play for two months.  Actually, he started his break a long time ago even though he has been on the course he hasn’t been playing for a long time.  With Sergio at home in Spain he should reach out to his friends for help in getting through this difficult time.  I know another golfer that could use a break and really hasn’t been playing golf for a few months either.  Sergio should give his old buddy Tiger Woods a call.

Who needs a break more than Tiger?  Nobody, not even Sergio.  The two of them could hang out and help each other through these difficult times.  Sergio could teach Tiger the subtleties of soccer and maybe knock back a few Michelob Lights.  Tiger is a big hoops fan so he could work on Sergio’s three point shot and maybe bring over some of his old “Tiger-Ade” since we can’t get it in the stores any longer.

They say Sergio has been in his slump since he broke up with his girlfriend, Morgan Norman.  Well, we all know that Tiger knows plenty of women and with one phone call he could hook Sergio up.  The two of them are young, good looking, single (well practically single) and they could be having a ball.  Who needs golf?  They both have millions and plenty of other diversions.

This could be where Sergio actually fulfills his potential that we all saw when he challenged Tiger at the 1999 PGA Championship.  When he literally chased Tiger down the fairway there he was labeled as Tiger’s next challenger.  We all know how that went.  Tiger 14 majors, Sergio zip.  But it all doesn’t have to be about wins, it can be about fun too.

Imagine how much fun those two could have together.  Forget swinging the clubs and go out and party in the clubs.  They could exchange tips on how to handle the media and finally ignite the rivalry that for so long has been missing.  Tiger and Sergio are two guys looking for their game in different places.  Maybe they could use each other’s company to find it.



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