Arnie & Jack Back Together

by Jeff Skinner

To put it simply: Arnold Palmer is the man.  He’s a legend and the most loved golfer ever and he is still a money making machine.  Palmer still earns a ton of cash endorsing products.  Let’s see how Tiger and Phil are doing when they are 80 years old.  I don’t think they’ll come close to Arnie.

One of Palmer’s latest deals is his arrangement with The AriZona Beverage Company selling his own invention of an iced tea and lemonade mix.  Palmer started drinking it years ago, its popularity grew and it has been called the “Arnold Palmer” since then.  They are selling $50 million of it annually now.  That’s not a bad deal for anybody.

The Arnold Palmer is a versatile concoction.  Palmer himself has been known to splash a little bit of vodka in his on occasion.  His preferred brand is Ketel One which happens to be another of his endorsements.  We started drinking his AriZona mix by the gallon and it wasn’t long before we tried a few experiments of our own.  Arnie’s mix tastes great with vodka or rum and is especially tasty when you add one of the flavored varieties, pineapple rum and Arnie’s mix is tough to beat.

During our brainstorming session we stumbled on to one that seemed to be a natural; Arnold Palmer and a wee bit of whiskey.  We poured a little Jack Daniel’s in and another iconic beverage was born: The Arnie and Jack.  Yes, Arnie and Jack back together again.  So it’s not Nicklaus but it’s close enough.  Any time we can put Arnie and Jack back together is cause for celebration and why not toast these two legends of the game with their own cocktail.  Here’s to Arnie and Jack, the golfers and the drink a little of both is always a good thing.


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